Executive Search

Every leader needs to stand tall and we use our well-honed process for searching, assessing and transitioning senior executives to fill key leadership roles.

Our executive search process makes extensive use of our research capability, using market mapping to identify capability in short supply. 

Our Executive Search process has been developed to ensure the successful appointment of executive (General Manager and C-level) leaders with specific industry experience and capability. This solution is ideally suited to sourcing candidates in short supply or high demand in a competitive market.

Employers typically struggle to identify candidates at this level, so we adopt a targeted approach with ‘market mapping’ at the core of our research strategy. And because the best candidates at this level are not necessarily active in their search for new opportunities, we connect directly to ‘sell’ the opportunity and evoke interest.

No two Executive Searches are ever alike and we devote considerable time upfront to understanding our clients’ cultural, organisational and change objectives, their markets and industry sectors.

Enduring outcomes rely on strong connections: connections with our clients, with the market and a precise alignment between both of capability and fit.

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