We are the business partner that all great leaders turn to. Let’s ignite the spark.

The Red Giant DNA entwines genuine connection with curiosity to contribute to the achievement of a shared vision.


These strands have evolved to form our point of difference: we develop in-depth, supportive and long-term relationships with leaders and organisations. Key to our success is our proven specialist expertise that gives us the capacity to look beyond the obvious and dive deep to discover more about you: what do you need, what you bring and what makes you different?

Our commitment starts with connecting great leaders with great organisations followed by a strategic approach to building capability for the future. Empowering leaders provides a ripple effect that filters down through an organisation and helps every team member to shine.

Relationships are a key building block in our makeup: since the beginning, we have built extensive networks across industry sectors and across the nation. We have invested in world-class information systems and developed unique processes to position ourselves at the forefront of our profession.



  • 01. Passion
  • 02. Courage
  • 03. Connection
  • 04. Ownership
  • 05. Contribution


We love what we do and approach every day with passion and a positive attitude.

We see challenge as opportunity and inspire those around us to stay true to their dreams.

We are passionate and we seek out that quality in others: those candidates and organisations that bring a spark, a sense of adventure, a sense of discovery.


We stay true to our core values and show integrity and strength through our actions.

We have the courage to stay on course and the conviction to do the right things.

It is one thing to follow the mainstream, safely and securely without challenging your values and beliefs – it is another to take the plunge and dare to innovate.


We believe in connecting with others through genuine conversation.

We value the effort that others put in and we always make time to communicate.

If there were one phrase to summarise the Red Giant point of difference, it would be the ‘genuine connections’ and the enduring partnerships that we forge with leaders and organisations.


We stand accountable for our actions and have the courage to take ownership.

Our business is built on our reputation for finding the right people for the right role – and on creating the ideal conditions to promote success. We are bound by our responsibility and our word.

We are proud to standby our beliefs, our decisions and our people.


We believe that success comes from everyone in the team and being unique is important.

We respect and support each other and collaborate and contribute as equals.

The success of a team is based on the ability of individuals to communicate, contribute and realise their full potential.

Ignite the Spark